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Data management, simplified

Reduce Costs

Connect hundreds of devices, regardless of manufacturer, with quick access within a single screen



Minimize errors

Integrated workflow sends patient data directly to and from an EMR


Feature Rich

Streamline clinical decision and increase diagnostic confidence

Discover the next generation in data management. Streamline your practice workflow with an all-new user-interface that leverages Topcon’s extensive instrument knowledge and display your data in clinically meaningful ways.

Solve your data management and communication challenges with the next-generation software applications. Topcon’s software allow you to connect all of your diagnostic instruments, regardless of manufacturer, in one secure, web-based platform, while providing a variety of features to fit your needs.

Improve your worfklow with fewer clicks, seamless EMR integration and control over the instruments in your practice.

Historically, medical professionals have used paper records to manage patient exam information. The digitalisation within eyecare has created a disconnect between practitioners and their patient data, requiring practitioners to spend more time in fromt of screens juggling many windows at a time.

Topcon Harmony changes this with a new interface that reduces time spent managing patient exam data by giving physicians and staff fewer clicks, seamless EMR integration and control over every instrument in their practice, regardless of the manufacturer. The software’s intuitive design organises all of the examination data within a single screen, improving practice efficiency.


Unlimited Device Connections

Topcon Harmony connects with hundreds of devices,  from all manufacturers – DICOM or not.

Instrument Experience

Direct clinical data display combined with Topcon’s extensive medical instrument experience.

Time Saving

No need to insert patient information at the device.

Easy to use

Easily scroll through your OCT images.

Local or Cloud

On-premise or in the cloud.

Secure Medical Grade Storage System

A secure Medical Grade Storage system where all data is encrypted and backed-up.

Comprehensive Application

Part of a comprehensive software suite of applications that share common user-interface.

Standards Based

Follows user-interface guidelines established by top software companies.

Additional Features

Historical Comparison

It is feature rich, with a one-click historical comparison of multiple instruments.

Responsive Design

Responsive browser-based application that adapts to your desktop or your mobile device, such as an iPad.

Clinical Modules

Easily scroll through and analyse your OCT images.

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Topcon Harmony Referral System

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Integrations may help early detection and accurate diagnosis in a fast and secure manner.

Telemedicine Portal

Secure telemedicine portal for 2nd opinions and referrals – accessible by accredited specialists, from anywhere, at anytime

Reporting and analytics

Customisable reporting tool that enables reports supporting your clinical analytics and business intelligence.

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