Take your information sharing and customer outcomes to the next level with telehealth 

Now more than ever, it’s time to grow your practice beyond physical locations. Telehealth enables you to improve information exchange with your colleagues and expand your customers’ access to care — from anywhere at any time.

Your Telehealth Plan

To support your ability to provide care regardless of time and location, we offer you a flexible TELEHEALTH MONTHLY PLAN. With your monthly plan, you get full access to the Topcon HARMONY telehealth portal – a modern and user-friendly data management and communication platform for eye care specialists.


The Topcon Harmony Telehealth portal enables you to securely:

  • Consult your colleagues and other accredited specialists remotely
  • Send referrals
  • Conduct second opinion consulting




 Features at Your hand with your Telehealth Plan


Licences for 3 users

3 Harmony user licences, which enable you to use Harmony Cloud for simple data management.




Easily consult your colleagues, get 2nd opinions, and send referrals through Harmony’s telehealth portal.



50Gb Data Storage

A secure Medical Grade Storage system where all data is encrypted and backed-up.




No local setup, turnkey and stress-free implementation.



Artificial Intelligence

Add instant automatic image analysis and decision support with integrated Artificial Intelligence tools for a small extra charge.




Upgrade Your plan to access…


Unlimited & Automised Device Connections

Harmony allows you to connect all of your diagnostic instruments, DICOM or not, and regardless of manufacturer, in one secure, web-based platform. Enjoy quick and secure access to all examination data.



Reporting & Analytics

Save valuable time through quick access to your data and effortlessly analyse all data, side by side, in one single viewer.



EMR/PMS Integration

Connect Harmony to your EMR/PMS for a seamless workflow.

For more information on Topcon Harmony, watch the video below and visit the official product page

1. What does the Telehealth Plan include? 

• Personal licences for 3 users to create accounts and use Harmony Cloud for simple data management
• Remote Consultation and Telehealth, enabling you to send and receive referrals and second opinions to other Harmony Cloud users within your network
• Standard report form
• Manual data upload
• 50G data Storage

• Ability to add automatic instant image analysis through Artificial Intelligence Integrations


2. What does the full Harmony solution include?

• Extensive data management
• EMR/PMS Integrations
• Unlimited device integrations to connect to all of your examination devices regardless of their brand and type, DICOM or not, including automatic image upload
• Remote consultation and telehealth, enabling you to send and receive referrals and second opinions to other Harmony users within your organisation
• Automatic Image analysis integration through AI
• Access organisational statistics on performed examinations

Contact our sales team at thsemea.sales(at) for a customised quote and more information on the options available to you.


3. How do I sign up for the full subscription for Harmony?

You can contact a member of our sales team at thsemea.sales(at) to discuss the right plan for you or fill in the contact form below.

4. Is my data safe?

Your privacy is important to us and our Privacy Policy provides information about how we handle personal information.



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